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Audio-Visual Chart Interpretation Sample:
Marilyn Monroe


Let's look at Marilyn Monroe's Ascendant or Rising Sign first:

The Ascendant or 1st house, also known as the Rising Sign, is a major component in profiling a person's character.  It is like the front door of a house.

It is through the front door that people first meet and begin to know someone.  

The sign on the Ascendant is what the world sees, likes or dislikes, when they meet a person for the first time. This is what the world expects from this person.

People generally respond to a person through the sign on the Ascendant. Example: if you have a Scorpio Sun sign, which is generally a non-talker, but you have a Gemini Ascendant, which is a talkative sign, people will see you as a talkative, breezy kind of person. Your Scorpio Sun sign will be noticed later when a person gets to know you better.

The sign on the Ascendant in a natal chart will reveal how a person will portray himself or herself to all the people they meet in their life time. The first house is the persona.

Marilyn had a Leo Ascendant making her hard to ignore when she walked into a room.

The Leo Ascendant is dramatic, warm, social, and loves attention and the spotlight. A Leo Ascendant loves to be noticed.  

People were generally attracted to Marilyn. She lit up a room with her magnetic, high energy, outgoing Leo Ascendant. She was popular wherever she went. She presented a pretty package to the world and the world expected this package to be magnificent, proud and regal at all times.

Marilyn had no problem presenting this image to the world, because she also had the planet Neptune in her first house giving her the ability to become a chameleon any time she wanted. Chameleons change their spots quickly to match their environment. So did Marilyn.

She became the image everyone important in her life wanted her to be. If she thought the world wanted her to be sexy and sultry then that was what she became.

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