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If you know your Ascendant or Rising Sign read that horoscope along with your sun-sign horoscope. This will give you added forecast information. If you don’t know your sun sign you can have a computer generated natal chart wheel done for you by going to the Home or Main page and click on Astrology Services. Here you will find a long list of chart and written report services. Find Natal Chart Wheel and click on it. Then plug in all your birth data information and you will get a chart that tells you where all your planets are including your Ascendant or Rising Sign.

The horoscopes you are reading here are not daily or monthly readings, so they won’t change as frequently. I use transiting Saturn and the outer transcendental planets in which to base my forecasts. Because the outer planets are slower moving, their energies and influence last longer.

Transiting Saturn is a 2 to 2 2/1 year cycle. Transiting Uranus is a 7 year cycle. Transiting Neptune is a fourteen year cycle and Pluto can transit a sign anywhere from 12 to 20 years. As you can see these planets take longer to transit a sign than the personal planets like Venus and Mercury.

The outer planets tend to bring in circumstances or events that set up trends and often major behavior and life changing cycles. Remember the planets don’t make us do anything. We have “free will,” but everything in our solar system works synergistically.

When the planets change signs or go retrograde we feel and witness the changes taking place at the same time here on Earth.

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