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Transiting Saturn In SCORPIO

October 5, 2012 to Sept 17, 2015, CDT  

By Patricia M. Hanus

Transiting Saturn is a 2 to 2 & 1/2 year cycle and takes 28-30 years to travel around the entire zodiac. It is considered a major transit in a person's natal chart and is also known as a natal horoscope. The last cycle of transiting Saturn in Scorpio was from November 30, 1982 to November 17, 1985. So, you can see this is a "big-tado."

Transiting Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio on October 5, 2012, at 3:34 P.M., CDT and October 5. 2012, at 8:34 P.M. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Transiting Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius on Dec 23, 2014 at 11:34 A.M, CST and Dec 23, 2014 at 4:34 PM, GMT.

Transiting Saturn retrogrades back into the sign of Scorpio June 14, 2015 at 7:39 PM, CDT and June 15, 2015 at 12:39 AM, GMT.

Transiting Saturn officially enters the sign of Sagittarius September 17, 2015 at 8:49 PM, CDT and September 18, 2015, at 2:49 AM, GMT.

Click on your Sun Sign to bypass the introduction to Transiting Saturn into Scorpio if you have already read it.

Saturn is a planet in our solar system that takes about 2-2 1/2 years to transit or move through one zodiacal sign. Since there are twelve signs in the zodiac, it generally takes between 28-30 years for Saturn to come back to the sign or place where it started. Therefore, Saturn was in the sign of Scorpio about 28-30 years ago (November 30, 1982 to November 17, 1985). So, Scorpio ask yourself where were you back then. How was life treating you?

If this is the first time transiting Saturn has entered your Sun sign, this is called your first Saturn return. If this is the second time transiting Saturn has entered your Sun sign, then this would be your second Saturn return and you may be around the age of or approaching age 60. If you are younger than 28, then you haven't lived through a Saturn return yet. Saturn returns are challenging and can be stressful, but also quite rewarding if you are willing to do whatever work is necessary in your life at this time.

In astrology transiting Saturn is considered a major transit. This is a critical time of major importance in your life when Saturn transits your Sun Sign. The planet Saturn is considered the task-master. Saturn brings with it responsibility and accountability. Saturn will force us to grow up, to mature and work hard at changing our inner and outer world.

It may be helpful to keep in mind that you can't fill a cup unless it is empty, so there will be many changes, some good and some not so good that will usher in a new way of living and experiencing your world. Life is all about change, so don't get too resistant to the new changes taking place around you. Let's just hope they are the positive changes for the good of the whole. Scorpios may learn first hand that old saying, "Pride Goethe before a fall." 

A Saturn transit can challenge you to grow in the areas that you have not properly developed so far and it could mean changing things about yourself as well as your outer world for the better. Whatever isnít working in your life may need some major overhaul during this Saturn transit. And if you resist working with a Saturn transit, you could experience a lot of bruising inside and out.

Saturn brings us up to speed. It awakens us to a higher level of understanding and behavior if we are willing to accept the fact that life is about change. If we are not willing to work at growing up, maturing our thoughts, philosophies and way of life, then life will come and force change upon us and we may feel like we are not in control of our life during this transit.

This paragraph goes for most of the zodiacal signs, but especially for all the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Go with the flow and donít resist the necessary changes needed to stay afloat financially. There could be mini-blessings in some of the  changes that come into your life during this time and it may feel very bleak in the beginning of this transit, but some of these changes could turn out to be blessings in 2 -2 1/2 years. Positive growth takes a long time, but generally well worth the struggles to get to the end of any long tunnel.

Scorpios may have to pay closer attention to their health and find ways to break bad habits, such as being overly resistant to change. When a tree doesn't bend to gale-force winds it will surely break.

Some of the changes during this cycle for Scorpios may have to do with becoming more flexible in how you feel about money, work, and relationships.  Seeing things as only being black and white may need t change and become more fluid, whereby you begin to see more shades of gray in between all this black and white---my way or the highway kind of thinking really needs to go.

You may have to lose the idea that things have to be done your way or people have to think the same way as you do or hold the same values or opinions as you do. Watch out for this curve ball. It can get you in a whole lot of trouble with your important relationships and others. This is a time to learn that giving up the control or giving in doesnít automatically mean you lose.

You may need to ask yourself if you are too rigid or narrow or out dated in your thinking or if your thinking needs to catch up with the times. Life is going very fast with changes occurring constantly in our everyday lives, whereby the younger person feeds on the excitement of the fast pace of the world--like an adrenaline rush, but the older Scorpios may feel overwhelmed with having to keep up with with all the high tech stuff such as doing everything on line and all the new fads, new gadgets and new ways of receiving electric and gas to our homes, new plans for our cell phones, everything has to be done on a computer, etc. Whatever the case may be, transiting Saturn is going to ride you hard until you get the message that change is inevitable and you can't wait on the dock forever waiting to make up your mind.

If this is the first time transiting Saturn has entered your Sun sign, this is called your first Saturn return. If this is the second time transiting Saturn has entered your Sun sign, then this would be your second Saturn return. If you are younger than 28, then you haven't lived through a Saturn return yet. Saturn returns are challenging and can be stressful, but also quite rewarding if you are willing to do whatever work is necessary in your life at this time. It could even be at time when you finally achieve your hard earned goals.

In astrology transiting Saturn is considered a major transit. This is a critical time of major importance in your life. The planet Saturn is considered the task-master. Saturn brings with it responsibility and accountability. Saturn will force us to grow up, to mature and work hard at changing our inner and outer world for the better.

Scorpio rules the eighth house of other people's money and their values and opinions and the money you share with another. The eighth house also rules sex, taxes, mortgages, banks, Federal Reserve, investments and much more. Therefore, for Scorpios, life may center around these areas much more than ever before.

Scorpio is a water sign. This sign is very emotional beneath the surface. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio will test all the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and their emotional boundaries and push them hard toward personal growth and maturity.

Perhaps it's not the world that needs to change, but maybe it is you or at least some facet of your personality needs a bit of adjustment, and maybe it is in ways that are no longer working for you these days. Transiting Saturn will definitely let you know where and how you need to change and you can gauge this by how upset you become or how much resistance to change you put forth during this transit.

Cycles tend to repeat themselves. And, although transiting Saturn in Libra may be presenting different challenging circumstances in your life now than it did 28-30 years ago, some situations in your life may feel like or compare to what you experienced way back then. But, if you have matured along the way, now you will or should be able to handle these new challenges that this Saturn transit may bring you with much more maturity, more objectivity, a broader frame of reference, and a much more accepting attitude toward other people's values and opinions...hopefully.

On the other hand and because of the challenging economy you may decide to work harder to stay ahead or afloat. You could take on a job in a different kind of position and/or you may have to take a salary decrease, whatever the challenge financially, it looks like you will need to work harder financially during this transit or at least cut down your spending and learn to live more frugally.

For some, you may not be28-30 years old yet, but how you handle the current cycle may set the precedent for 28-30 years from now.

No one should fear or have concern just because transiting Saturn comes along to visit his or her sun sign for a few years. When we know what cycle we are dealing with we are more knowledgeable about how to handle it.

The Planet Pluto and the co-ruler Mars rules the sign of Scorpio. Pluto relates to transformation and restructuring and rebuilding. The Pluto transformation is best explained in the metaphor about the moth in the cocoon that goes through a major transformation and eventually emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio may have a sobering effect, but it could also be a ďwake-upĒ call to make some major and necessary changes, which could be quite positive depending on how you choose to handle this transit.

Below is a brief Synopsis for other signs experiencing the Transit of Saturn in Scorpio, Oct 5,2012 GMT to Sept 18, 2015, GMT:

All 12 free horoscopes will be completed soon:

 ARIES:  Transiting Saturn in Scorpio will be in your solar 8th house for this next 2 1/2 years and this sets up a whole new cycle in your life, whereby you will be presented with new areas of your life that need your complete focus and attention. But, let's review some of your learning lessons in the past 2 1/2 years. Some of your hardest challenges in these past 2 1/2 years may have centered on your particular lifeís challenge to become more independent and to stand up for yourself. I can only imagine that you fought a hard fight and you didnít quit or give up no matter what the circumstances or problems might have been. You had to be brave and make a lot of hard decisions. It may seem like the world gave you a ton of sucker-punches to the stomach, but these events or problems might have been what you needed to reach out from your inner world of hidden fear and to look fear in the eye, once and for all, and fight like Goliath for your freedom and independence. Be glad that transiting Saturn is out of Libra and into Scorpio and that cycle is finally over. Hopefully, you got through one of the toughest cycles in your entire life. You had to battle with an off-and-on cardinal T-Square and a Cardinal Cross, all of which more than likely brought you a tone of hard work, stress and frustration and possibly to your knees for some Arians. Now, hopefully, if you have arrived battered and bruised, you are much stronger emotionally and wiser in order to face another new chapter in your life. This new cycle is one that centers on confronting your fear of financial poverty and learning more profoundly what life and death here on earth is really all about. For a lot of Arians, you are apt to be dealing more with social security, government agencies, banks, investments, IRAs, inheritances, wills, and life and death matters. But more importantly, you will be learning some hard lessons regarding other peopleís boundaries (emotional and physical) as well as your own boundaries. You will have to become more tolerant and patient of other peopleís opinions, their style of personality, and to recognize that what is important to them is just as important as your own opinions and values. Tolerance is the key during this cycle. Learning lessons in how to manage and budget money is a huge lesson during this cycle. You will have to learn how to share more of your own earnings and to be fair in money matters. If someone isnít carrying their fair share of the financial burdens, you need to speak up. Donít shy away from awkward or sensitive money matters. And in all matters, no matter what they are during this new cycle, you will be called on to work hard to shore up your personal finances and to carry your fair share of the finances. You canít have your cake and eat it too (like what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine philosophy has got to go). One last word, pay off your debt, and put away for your old age security, learn how to balance a check book and learn how to control your spending. And, pay attention to all the dreaming that you will be doing in these next few years. Dreams are the pathway to the subconscious.  ^Top

TAURUS: Going back to school or finishing up a degree was a strong possibility during the last Saturn in Libra cycle, this was due to transiting Saturn (6th house) squaring transiting Pluto in your 9th house of higher mind, higher education and religion. If you did not do it or could not get back to school, for whatever reasons, you still have a chance to get a degree during this new transiting Saturn in Scorpio cycle semi-sextiling transiting Pluto in your solar 9th house. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is in your solar 7th house and the 7th house is all about your mate, significant other, husband/wife and the pubic and legal matters and lawyers. This indicates a serious need to focus on your marriage if you are married or your significant other. Perhaps some of you are about to enter into divorce proceedings or a very difficult break-up. The Taurus bull would prefer to stay in the relationship, because they are not quitters and usually like to finish what they started. If some of you Taurusí are about to enter into a serious relationship, learning lessons will befall you because Saturn comes into our lives to teach us lessons and to give us the rewards we earned for all our hard work. Have you worked hard on your relationship? Maybe you think you did, but your partner may not think so. If this is the case, then the learning lessons will be about your learning how to compromise and work as a team player. You have to ask yourself, ďDo you want to be right or do you want to be happy?Ē This is what Doc Phil says all the time on TV. So, for those that arenít in a marriage or significant relationship, then Saturn transiting your 7th house may indicate a new 7year cycle for you that pertains more to your career/profession. Whatever you have been learning and working on, especially regarding a career, then you have made significant strides so far. Then for the next 7 years you will work toward getting to the top of the ladder and that should reach its peak in 7 years from now. Going back to school may be the key to your successóthat particular degree needed may be necessary to get you where you want to go--success. Staying focused on your desires may keep you burning the midnight oil as you immerse yourself in learning, researching and perfecting your skills. With transiting Uranus in Aries and in your solar 12th house, you are a rebel behind the scenes for these past few years and some years to come. In private you are your independent self, where you can let the real you express itself. Just be careful how you express any hidden anger and rage because you will only harm yourself, even eating yourself into some weight gain is harmful and you know how you just hate doing that. Put stubbornness, jealousy, envy and fear to the side. It will only keep you from being the beautiful and successful person you truly are meant to be. During this cycle, and in any moments where you find  your self in the darkness of your life, remember you are striving for freedom to become your unique self, standing strong on your own two feet with your head held high. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn can help you climb to the top, but you have to be transformed from inside out and any hard knocks and difficult learning lessons are necessary like Gold tested in fire. ^Top

GEMINI: With transiting Saturn now in your solar 6th house of health, job and pets, it looks like Saturn positioned here for the next 2-2 1/2 years will demand  your full attention on improving your health and/or seeking some type of employment. You also maybe working on helping to improve the health of your pet if they should be needing this type of attention from you. 

In the last 2-21/2 years you had a very nice trine in your solar 5th house with Saturn in Libra (lots of easy flow/and enjoying a lot of luck coming your way in small ways as well as big ways). You had a much enjoyed boost in luck in several areas of your life. But, this cycle of Saturn in Scorpio will be very different. Now it is time for you to prepare to do some hard work, either on yourself or in working on those projects you have been putting off for a long time. Hopefully  you are up for the challenge of this cycle.

You will need to learn how to be more organized. Get rid of clutter and clean out anything that is worn out or you know you will never use again. Get stuff cleaned and cleaner. Make your environment more healthy, brighter and feeling good. Clean windows, ovens, clean out closets, get rid of old clothes and dust everything.

Most of all put a portion of your money away in a retirement fund for the future and don't take risks with risky investments, at least not during this transit. Make sure you work to pay off all debt owed to the IRS or any back taxes. You  need this worry off your back once and for all.

You might want to try making money in your career/profession by using your creative talents in music, art, painting, decorating, design work, etc. You could host parties or work helping to set up  banquets, weddings, showers and parties in general.

Until the end of June 2013, you will continue to have transiting Jupiter (planet of expansion and luck/the Santa Claus of the zodiac) in your sun sign of Gemini--enjoy this while it lasts because it only comes around to visit our sun sign once every 12 years. But you must guard against being overly optimistic because this kind of luck doesn't last forever. Apply confidence with caution and you should be okay.

Transiting Jupiter in our sun sign can bring on extra pounds and much more of anything--so try to maintain restraint in spending, eating, and any type of risk taking. Be cautious while you enjoy the visit from Jupiter. And keep in mind that Jupiter is the planet of expansion, but you have to keep asking yourself " Will this kind of expansion be good for me in the long run or in the years to come?"

Your doctors may decide to retire, move or not be around for some reason or your insurance may change, therefore, you may need to find new and/or better primary care doctors or specialists, so be prepared.  Remember life is always about change.

Exercise your lungs, learn how to breathe deeper and more accurately. If you visit high altitudes it may be harder for you to breathe.

As much as you may not like it, it may be time for you to become more educated in high tech technology like computers, cell phones, U-Tube, social media, and anything electronic and connected to the computer. You may have to learn how to pay your bills on the computer and how to use APS on a cell phone.

Marriage and partnerships need working on during this transit of Scorpio in your 6th. You may need to pay more qualitative attention to your partner. If you do all the talking, they may not be able to get a word in edge-wise. Be a better listener for your partner. You don't have to agree, but you can let them know that you value their opinions as well as your own.  ^Top

CANCER: Transiting Saturn in Scorpio will be in your solar 5th house of children, entertainment, romance, risk taking/gambling and all things creative. This transit of Saturn creates a nice, favorable, trine to your Cancer sun. You should feel some relief with this transit because you wonít be feeling the stressful cardinal cross you have been under for the last 2-2 Ĺ years when transiting Saturn was in the sign of Libra. That was a very stressful time, and more than likely a very challenging time. Letís hope you accomplished a lot, got a lot done and that you worked very hard to accomplish many of your dreams in the past 2-2 Ĺ years. Now with transiting Saturn in the water sign of Scorpio it will trine your sun sign for these next 2-2 Ĺ years giving you a little break.

But, your sun sign, Cancer, will still be feeling the effects of a cardinal T-square with transiting Uranus squaring your sun and transiting Pluto opposing your sun. These three cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn will continue to trigger a cardinal T-square in your solar and natal chart for several years. The good news is that you can accomplish a lot. You can climb up the ladder of success, especially in your profession and you can get married if you are single and get divorced if you are unhappily married and seek a divorce. You will continue be like a house on fire, working non-stop.

One word of caution. If you are constantly under a lot of stress or pressure in so many areas of your lifeówhat will you do to relax?  I strongly suggest (what with the water trine in your chart) that you donít take to drinking as a form of relaxation or doing other things that could become a harmful addiction that you will greatly regret down the road. The better thing to do to wind down would be to exercise for find some type of relaxing hobby, something to slow down the mind and body. Yoga, meditation, writing, exercising, walking, bike riding, and any physical exercise is highly recommended. These things are healthy for you and not addictiveóhopefully. A lot of TV isnít recommended, either.

Itís time to keep calm and a cool head when the authority figures like bosses, parents, spouses or anyone having authority over you begin to irritate you and make you angry. You may feel like blowing up at them, but they have all the control, or so it seems. For this transit, it is best to learn how to be a team player and compromise doesnít mean you lose. Ask yourself, ďDo you want to be right or do you want to be happy?Ē Being right all the time doesnít necessarily make us happy. Learn that giving in doesnít mean you lose and the other party wins. Being the boss all the time can be a weary and burdensome job. Relax, let those that oppose you have the control, besides they may have the control anyway and you will just be spinning your wheels with no one to listen to you. You will get more done in the spirit of cooperation.

You may become very concerned about children, yours or others. You may seriously think about having a child/baby or adding to your family and/or for those Cancer sun signs who already have enough children, you may be thinking seriously of not having any more children. For some Cancerians, children may bring much blessings and joy into your life during the next 2-2 Ĺ years. Babies and work or play may center on babies. Have fun.

Church and religious matters will be in high focus during this transit, especially since transiting Neptune is in your solar 9th house of higher mind and religion. You may be having your child christened or attending church ceremonies or planning a wedding around a particular church.  Or you may be looking for the right parish to join or attend. You could get engaged or married during this transit of Saturn in Scorpio. You could be celebrating a religious ceremony and/or important anniversary.

You might also be planning a cruise or some type of vacation centering around or on the water. If you are a fishing person, the fishing should prove good during this cycle. Whatever you do in these next 2-2 Ĺ years, they should prove very productive, whereby you achieve many of your dreams and goals. Just remember, avoid the alcohol and non-prescribed drugs.  ^Top

 LEO:  On October 5, 2012, Saturn transited into the sign of Scorpio. It was in the sign of Libra for the last 2 2 Ĺ years, at which time it was in a nice favorable sextile to your Leo sun sign. You had a lot of opportunities to do your own thing back then and to have more pleasure, peace and harmony in your life during that transit. But now that Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio and in your solar 4th house of home, it will make a square to your sun, and this indicates a lot more challenge, possible a lot more stress and probably a lot more hard work. There may not be as many stress free days as was 2-2 Ĺ years ago.

Too bad we canít see up the road of our future in order to stock pile all the good things we probably took for granted back then. But life is all about cycles of up and down and back up and down again. So, letís get ready for some work and accomplishmentsóyes, I said accomplishments.

If there is a few projects around the house that need to get done, now is the time to get them done. You may want to sell the house and move for various reasons, but donít be in a hurry because you may not get the price you want and you donít want to give it away. So, instead, make your home more pleasurable for yourself. Get that plumbing done, toilets fixed or changed out or water seal the foundation if it needs it. All things that have water involved in them should be fixed during this transit of Saturn in Scorpio.

There may be someone you need to take care of who is sick or needs medical care. It may be time to get in better shape or to get some routine physicals. Some part of your job in the next few years may involve custodial work or being part of a home care facility. Job and work may be burdensome, whereby the work is much but the pay is little.

Home and domestic life may be under stress or going through great change. You may not have a lot of control of the household situation, so just try to go with the flow and help out when and where ever you can.

Try to stay ahead of those household leaks, leaky pipes and toilets.

Vacations in these next 2-2 Ĺ years will center around hot dry climates and it will help you rejuvenate and they will be just the thing you need to feel good again.

Old friends come back to visit. You may join old groups that were fun and educational.

Pay attention to your investments. They may not be the best ones you thought they would be. You may not be able to rely on partnerís money to help with mortgage payments or household bills. So, you may need to go into those savings, but be careful not to let money flow through your fingers like water. Keep an accurate account of where your money is, what it is doing and donít let it get lost or stolen. Keep a close eye on all your money, where ever it is located or where it is invested.

A great place for you to be is in school or some type of educational program. Higher learning will be fun and great for your future.

If needed seek out good legal council. Get someone who is highly recommended. Legal matters should be in your favorójudge(s) may like you and rule in your favor in any legal case.

What you do now and/or accomplish will come to fruition in 3 years from now, so work hard during this transit and hang in there and remember that every good deed you do now will come back to you two fold.

Your doctor could retire, but now is the time to hook up with a new one before you get sick and need one. It wouldn't hurt to get a regular routine check-up. Now is the time to finally get that health insurance or policy you have needed.^Top

VIRGO:  Transiting Saturn entered your solar 3rd house of siblings, neighbors and all things dealing with communications, like cars, computers, mail, cell phones, home phones, letters, etc. Because Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio and in your third house, you will need to be more careful when balancing your checkbook. You can easily make a ton of mistakes during this transit.

In the month of October 2012, you need to be extra careful with money and spending. Instead of spending without thinking, keep track (ledger) of where you spend your money, because it may be going through your hands like water (Scorpio is a water sign). Instead of spending, make yourself a commitment to pay off your bills and credit card debt. And above all, donít spend money you donít have. You may be depending on money that you think you will be earning down the roadóthis is a no, no.

You may not be able to depend on your partnerís money. They may be having to look for another job or they just donít have the money you are used to depending on. It is time for you to realize that you may have a spending problem in that you donít always make good financial choices or decisions. Itís not a mathematical problem, it is the urge to have what you want when you want it right now.

If you are not a married Virgo or do not have a significant other, the above still holds true.

During this next 2-2 Ĺ year cycle you can expect a lot of car problems and/or some types of transportation problems. Car repairs can keep you broke.

Two jobs are better than one for right now, especially until 2014. A job can call you back or you may need to go back to a second job you used to have in order to make ends meet.

You can also expect some unexpected events or circumstances regarding join money, or the money you have jointly with someone else. Expect some banking problems, but they will be your mistakes, especially with credit card debt.

This transit will force you to stay focused on what needs to get done, what needs to be done, if not, you will just have to learn the hard way, which wonít be nice.

You could have a little luck coming down the pike if you should receive a nice sum of money from somewhere, but if you do, the wise thing to do is pay off all debt, especially credit card debt and pay back the people you owe money to.

Be cautious with lawsuits and anything legal. Make sure you understand everything you sign. ^Top

LIBRA: Do you feel any relief now that your Libra sun sign is no longer part of a grand-cardinal cross? You should feel like some of the pressure or tension is over or lessened. Unfortunately your sun sign is now part of a cardinal T-Square because it opposes transiting Uranus in Aries and squares transiting Pluto in Capricorn, but this aspect should be more tolerable, although it will continue to last until March 2019. You can get a lot accomplished in these next few years with a T-Square, but the stress factor is also going to be high with this aspect, so stay as patient as you can, while you struggle to start and complete your projects and tackle the problems on your plate. It may seem like you are struggling for naught, 1 step forward and 3 steps back. But, things will get done no matter how much aggravation and disappointment that may be attached to this transit.

This current cardinal T-square will be active in your 4th house of home, family and all things domestic and it will be active in your 7th house of partners in your solar chart.  The stress in these areas may stem from your needing to have control in family, home and domestic matters. The past is gone when you probably did have complete say-so in all family matters and decisions. Now the family has say-so over their own lives and you may not know exactly how to take a back seat. Your squabbling with your spouse over family and domestic matters may be causing a ton of tension, strife and stress between you and those living with you as well as the children in your lives. Wouldnít it be best to learn how to be a team player, become more cooperative and learn how to give in without feeling like you have lost and no one cares about you? 

If you do not fall in the above set of circumstances then perhaps you are drawn into a lot of domestic strife when you donít want any part of it. But you may not have anywhere to run to and hide.

Transiting Saturn is in your solar 2nd house of money, possessions and your earning capabilities. You may be thinking of going back to work if you have been away from having to punch a time clock for a long time or you may be re-evaluating how you look at money. You may be doing a complete turn-around about how you spend money as well as how you value money and possessions. You could give all your money and possessions away or you could begin to horde money and become extremely frugal. Money may be the catalyst in which to change your core values regarding what is truly important in life. This can be a tough cycle, but you will handle all challenges in a fair and well thought out way and wind up being the lucky duck you always were. ^Top

SCORPIO: Transiting Saturn will be in the sign of Scorpio for the next 2-2 Ĺ years. It is now in your first house of selfóyou. It was last in the sign of Scorpio 29-30 years ago. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time? Circumstances will be different this time around, but there may be some similarities, such as the amount of growth, development and knowledge you made and acquired back then and the amount of growth and wisdom that takes place in your personality this time around. Letís hope you accomplished a lot and you learned a lot on that road to maturation.  This is another one of those growing-up periods; no matter what age you are now (probably in the range of 30-60 or 90).

You will also be experiencing what is known as an inconjunct until 2013. This indicates a lot of work, hard work, and more than likely doing things you would rather not do, but feel you must do them anyway, perhaps out of a sense of responsibility or maybe because you would feel guilty if you didnít to them.

You might have to take on more hours of work in order to pay taxes, pay off credit card debt and/or get your investments back up to where they once were. This extra work is going to take lots of physical as well as mental energy. You could be involved in research work, writing for some types of special manuals or work project. You could be freelancing of some sort. This inconjunct would indicate that you could be doing work like meals-on-wheels, taking people back and forth to hospitals or for doctor visits, etc.

On the other hand you may be taking the time needed to take care of your own health. Miner surgery may be required to fix things like cataracts, seeing a skin doctor, baldness, alopecia, dental work, etc.

Some Scorpios may be entering a new field or line of work and doing some apprentice work. You could be training to be a fire fighter, police officer, getting into forensic medicine, become a detective, work for FBI, become an IRS tax consultant or work for the government in some capacity.  Becoming a marine biologist isnít far out of the realm of possibility, either. 

It will be a good thing to have to deal with this inconjunct aspect (hard work), because you could become a total dreamer with transiting Neptune trining your Scorpio sun sign for these next few years and you donít want to miss out on the opportunity of advancing yourself during this Saturn transit in Scorpio.

With Saturn in Scorpio during this cycle you could become extremely artistic if you arenít already. You could take up painting, singing, sculpting, dancing or any type of artistic endeavor. You could have a baby, have more children if you want them.

Until Feb 2014, you will also have transiting North Node in Scorpio and this indicates that you will be able to clear up a ton of old karma from this life and past lifetimes and create wonderful new and positive karma in this lifetime for your future. This is a time to balance your north and south nodes and bring them in harmony, whereby you will weigh the importance of money and possessions so that you wonít be too extreme one way or the other, wanting a lot of money and possessions or not wanting any.

Saturn transiting any sun sign is never easy for anyone, but you are a very strong sun sign with much grit and the courage of steel and you are above all else a survivor.

One word of caution, since Scorpio is a water sign and transiting Saturn in Scorpio will be trining transiting Neptune, stay far way from doing anything in excess like drinking and drugs. For you, these things during this cycle are highly addictive, toxic and poisonous for you. This is not way to squander a great new cycle for your self. Use the opportunities offered to you during this cycle to climb up the ladder to success in whatever area you choose.  ^Top

SAGITTARIUS: All you Sagittarians will have transiting Saturn in Scorpio in your solar 12th house for the next 2-2 Ĺ years. You will be shutting down a 15-year cycle for these next few years and getting ready for the next 15-year cycle. In order to prepare, you have to adjust to the quiet, new feelings or new circumstances. You may decide to retire or you may have to find another job if your job closes down and you are not old enough to retire.  Friends during this cycle may seem distant for various reasons or they may be moving away just when you feel you need them the most. You may find that this is a great time for meditation, yoga, quiet walks alone or with a pet(s) and/or communing with your Higher Power, which I call God.

Transiting Saturn in the 12th can feel very lonely at times if you arenít used to all the quiet and especially if you are used to being very socially active and have been traveling in the fast lane for these last 12-15 years. For you other Sagittarians, this can be a very welcomed time in which to have some alone time to do the things you didnít have time for and to work on projects that have been waiting for years to be looked at and finished up if need be. 

With transiting Jupiter in your solar 7th house until June 2013, this can be a great time to rekindle the fire in your marriage, or in that important relationship with your significant other. Talk and communication is the best way to do this. Talk things over, get things settled and agreed upon, especially regarding all things to do with finances.

Itís time to prepare for old age and financial retirement if you arenít there yet. You may realize in looking back that you made a lot of mistakes regarding money. You may have been a big spender and regret it now. You just thought you would always have plenty, but now things may not be so financially plentiful.

If you are planning a vacation or vacations during these next few years, try not to go overboard financially. Have fun, but use common sense in the spending. You may need to pull in the reins regarding all the money you put out for your kids. Let them stand on their own two feet and earn their own way financially. This will give them self-respect.

Donít ignore high fevers and donít push your energy beyond their limits.

Redecorating in the home can be costly. See if you can do it yourself and for less money. It is a good time to get any plumbing fixed once and for all. Broken mirrors donít have to bring bad luck. Move furniture toward the light and/or buy new lamps that give you more light. Donít strain your eyes to read.

Sudden and unexpected pregnancies are around you as well as miscarriages.

Ovens, stoves, furnaces and anything to do with fire need to be fixed or new ones bought. And donít forget those washers and dryers. They may need repairs or new ones bought.

Make sure all the fire extinguishers work in the house and that you have them installed in you donít have any. Water pipes can burst or sprinkler systems go on the blink.

Surprise parties will be a lot of fun, whether they are for you or for others. Going back to vacation places you have been before will be nice and enjoyable.

Sleeping can be a problem. You may be dreaming up a storm. If you have problems sleeping during this cycle try exercising before going to bed at night and try meditation tapes to help you sleep. This cycle is your time to commune with spirits and not be afraid of them. ^Top

CAPRICORN: Capricorns will have transiting Saturn in their solar 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes and life goals or plans. It seems that for the next few years Capricorns will be able to reach some of their goals and dreams, but they will have to work hard for it. Cappys are never afraid of hard work; work is their middle name.

Well, it is about time that you get some breaks from all the hard work you do. Perhaps you will be revolutionizing your life goals, dreams, hopes and wishes. What you thought you wanted years ago may not be what you desire at this time in your life. We have to change with the sign of the times and make adjustments all along the way of life. And that is what you will be doing in these next few years.

There is likely to be some major changes in your job, but this doesnít  necessarily mean you wonít have a job. It just means you will have to go along with the changes that are being made for the time being.

Home, family and parent(s) may all be in high focus during this cycle. You may have to help your parents out in some way. You may have to deal with sudden upsets within the home or family. What ever needs fixing canít wait any longer. You will be forced to get things fixed within the home.

Letís hope you have a lock on your gas tank because you could be robbed of your gas.

Your creative juices flow now as you try to get some of your creative projects started or finished.

You will enjoy movies, theatres, going to the opera, live theatre performances, museums, bus tours, etc.

Donít be surprised if you hold down two or more jobs periodically for the next year or so.  Just sock that money away for any future ďrainy days.Ē

The power is in your court with transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct your sun sign. Pluto is the planet of transformation. Will you transform your body in some way? Hopefully, you will get serious about any weight problem and get it off with more determination than ever before. So, what are you going to do with the opportunities that come long with this transit? Donít let them slip through your fingers.

The only wrinkle in your solar horoscope is transiting Uranus in your 4th house of home. With this planet you can always expect the unexpected. Uranus never wants things to stay fixed, rigid or uneventful for too long. So, expect people to be moving in and out of your home a few times before this transit is over.

And make sure all equipment that pertains to fire is working well and there are no mishaps. Get new fire alarms if needed. Expect some unexpected power outages.

Education of some sort as well as teaching projects is in this forecast for the next few years. If you are a teacher then teach. Otherwise, get involved in learning something. Education always pays off.

Welcome to the world of technology. Get those new or latest gadgets that everyone is raving about. It is about time you learned how to use all those new communicating devices, like cell phones, computers, t.v.s, etc.

If you need glasses, get them. If you need a new or better hearing aid, get it. Donít wait on the sidelines of life. Take the plunge and get moving with the rest of the world.  ^Top

AQUARIUS: Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is in your solar 10th house of career/profession, thus be prepared for more hard work in this area for the next few years. For all the more responsibilities heaped on you at the office, you are likely to receive a nice, and well-deserved raise. Although some of the raise may come in some unusual way, like stocks or dividends, or bonusís of some sort. Will it really be a raise? Letís hope itís not a severance pay.

So much focus on career and company business that you may not have time to visit the folks or clean the house or take care of domestic and family matters.

For some Aquarians, you may be ready to retire and start some other type of job or profession. Whatever is going on in the job area of your life, expect to be working harder than you ever thought you would or could and you will wonder if you can physically endure. You might begin to realize in these next two years that you have gone as high as you can in your profession or up the corporate ladderónow what.

For other Aquarians, you may feel itís time to marry or become engaged, but then you may change your mind and decide not to if you wait a short time. You could change your status in life by marrying or simply by changing your name.

With transiting Uranus in Aries and in your solar 3rd house of communication, speech, thinking and all types of communication and daily travel, you may need to be prepared for the unexpected in these areas. Cars could break down, trains could be late of not arrive at all, transportation could be delayed often and at unexpected times. And to make things worse, your telephone and/or cell phone could break down. Letís hope not lost or stolen.

A set of twins could be in the picture. You might meet a twin, and/or have to baby sit a set of twins. For some odd reason, you might wind up seeing the same movie twice. Could you be buying two new cars in the same year or close to each other in time?

A boss could retire or take sick leave and leave you doing double work. Rain or water could ruin some possessions.

That thing or piece of art you always wanted to buy, I guess it will come around again at a price you can now afford.

Having to car pool or rent a carówhat a bummer.  Whatever the case for these next two years, remember that you need fresh air and lots of sunshine, so take frequent walks whenever you can. And get interested in subjects that interest you and that keep you mentally stimulated.  ^Top

PISCES: Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is now in your solar 9th house and you may be feeling like a butterfly out of a cocoon now that transiting Saturn is out of your solar 8th house of privacy and seclusion.

During this cycle, you wonít mind if the whole world knows more about you, who you are, what you do and your many talents. This is mostly because your ruling planet, Neptune, is now in your sun sign and trining transiting Saturn in Scorpio. Trines are easy flow in life. So enjoy the easy flow and positive attitude in many areas of your life, whereby you become the teacher. Pisceans can teach in public or private schools and/or teach out of their home or for special interests groups. You will shine in any of these areas and rather enjoy what you do.

For those Pisceans that are artistically inclined, whether it be in music, art work, design, painting, etc, this can be a time when your work is noticed, recognized and possibly becomes famous on large and/or small levels. You wonít have to make it happen, it will happen on its own; doors will open without any effort on your part.

If you are in school, this is the best place to be during this cycle because you can breeze through all the education and enjoy what you are learning. Not that it wonít be hard work, but no matter what you will graduate and feel like you have accomplished one of the biggest hurdles in your life---celebrate. Money spent on schooling could put a big dent in your savings.

In fact, you will have some financial difficulties until transiting Uranus in Aries gets out of your 2nd house of money, which wonít be until May 2018. So the best thing to do is learn how to stay within a budget. Many of your spending hinges on spontaneous spending. You have to learn how to ask yourself first, ďDo I really need this and can I live without this?Ē Your sense of freedom and independence may be psychologically tied to your spending habits. Is this possible? Something to think about.

A cruise or vacation by the water seems to be in your plans sometime during this cycle.

Projects in the home during now and until middle 2013 may not work out so well. You may have picked out the wrong colors or the lighting fixtures donít work or match or the window decorations just donít work, furniture is wrong choice or wonít fit, etc. All kinds of things can go wrong with the home decorations or remodeling projects. Sometimes it is best not to push things until the time is right.

Your personality is about to undergo some major change and hopefully it will be for the better. This is due, again, to the trine from Neptune, your ruling planet in your solar first house, and transiting Saturn in Scorpio in your solar 9th house.  You could become much more tolerant, much more compassionate, much more the dreamer, and romantic, much more the artist, much more the spiritual and religious person and above all else, sooooo much more psychic.

The only downfall in this cycle of change is that you have to be aware of your boundaries/necessary structures. Because you are a water sign, your emotions can flow all over the place and thus your daily behavior can be like a yo-yo up and down all day long. The boundaries that will be needed here will be to curtail your emotions flowing everywhere at once. You have to keep a grip on reality, stay grounded, stay focused, remain practical, and let the tears flow if necessary, but do not become unglued over inconsequential matters. In other words, ďDonít sweat the small stuff.Ē

Of course everyday has its problems, but, all and all, this cycle can be a nice rideóenjoy it. ^Top

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Cardinal signs are: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

Fixed signs are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius

Mutable signs are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces

























Cardinal Signs are:  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Fixed Signs are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mutable Signs are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

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